MCS Newsletter September 27, 2013

Apple sales:  This year we managed to sell just over 700 boxes of apples! This is a new record, ‘congratulations and thank-you’ to all who put the effort in to make this fund-raiser a major success. Again, as last year, we hope to use the funds mostly for the promotion of The Arts in MCS. Last year we bought a drum kit, invited Sheila Berg and Fred Penner to visit MCS with their special skills. But first we will ‘tithe’ and give a gift of soccer balls to situations such as Mr. Dyck is in. We plan to give $700 towards sports equipment for Third World schools. (See One World Futball website)

Apple delivery details: Tuesday, October 1, we get to pick up our apples!  Please let your customers know the time and place.
Arborg Home Hardware 2:00-6:00
Vidir 2:00-7:00
Morweena School 10:30-4:30

Pizza Day:  Our Apple Fund-raiser Pizza celebration comes on Friday, October 18.  Please plan to not send lunches that day! The Ice Cream part of the party may need to be another day.

Monday with John Maxwell:   On Monday, September 30, MCS staff will be in Winnipeg for our first Professional Development (PD) day of the school year.  School is closed.

Thanksgiving:  Our next day away will be Monday, October 14 for Thanksgiving.

In October-November Parent Teacher Conferences happen!

Grades 3-6 are in a program called TUSK; great reviews so far!

The Student Leadership Conference is scheduled for October 23-25. Seventeen High School students have been invited to attend!

All 4 Basketball hoops are up and being enjoyed!

The High School Soccer Tournament is running 3 days per week!

The 2012-2013 Yearbooks are in!

Tim Reimer