2013 Apple Fund Raiser is underway!

This is an exciting time of year right now as we are in the middle of our apple fundraiser. These apples are straight from an orchard in B.C. They will hopefully come in the first week of October and will be available for pickup at the Morweena School, Vidir Machine, or Arborg Home Hardware. Our goal is to sell 500 boxes of apples but would love to sell 450 by September 20. The money from this will be going towards something arts related. Last year the school used the money to buy a drum kit, have a guest artist come in, and bring Fred Penner in for a concert.

Right now we have sold 150 boxes. If you would be interested in buying apples please contact a student, teacher, or send the order directly to Amber Dueck at amberd@morweenaschool.org.

Our apple list:
Macintosh         @         $30
Red Delicious    @         $30
Gold Delicious   @         $30
Spartin              @         $30
Jona Gold          @         $32
Royal Gala        @         $35
Ambrosia          @         $42

If you have any questions please email Amber Dueck at amberd@morweenaschoo.org.