2016 Apple Fund Raiser

Our Apple fundraiser is on its way again! Whole boxes of apples coming to you straight from BC.

Order deadline is September 26th. If an MCS student hasn’t asked you if you would like to buy some apples, go ahead and ask a student to sell you some! You can contact the school, 204-364-2466 during school hours to order, but if you know some students in the school, call them first.

Prices for a box of apples:Image result for apple clipart
Macintosh $34
Red Delicious $34Gold Delicious $34
Spartan $34
Jona Gold $35
Royal Gala $38
Ambrosia $45


In the last three years, the money raised, $10 from each box sold, has gone to building stone firepit area. Maybe you’ve sat around it while at the school yard for a soccer game. We’ve got similar projects in mind for the upcoming money.