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Need Office?
Got a new computer for Christmas? Your preview copy of MS Office is going to run out any moment?  Click on the link below to end up on a site that has a freeware version:
Open Office:

And they all live nicely inside this portable app downloader/App manager/launcher:


Web Mail to Thunderbird
Currently the school has OWA (Outlook Web Access) turned on, so that anyone with a school email address can access this account through a browser.  This is very convenient.  I, on the other hand come from the generation that isn’t cool with living out of a browser.  I want a proper program to do all the fetching and saving of data for me, especially when it comes to email.  So, a bit of a web hunt trying to see if I can connect our Exchange Email to a Thunderbird (my email program on my laptop) got me the following information.

This is the model of the web view:
Internet explorer (your browser) -> (a web page) ->  Your school email account
Following the links/instructions creates this model:
Thunderbird (free Email app) -> DavMail (free mail gateway) -> (OWA access point) ->  Your school email account
The links to the pieces needed to make this work and the instructions to do it:
Main site for the mail gateway.  Download link is on left.  (Installing Davmail requires Java, which it will automatically do, if you don’t have it already.)
Setup instructions for Davmail app.  Very straight forward.  Yes, the screenshots are in French.
Then setup for Thunderbird IMAP account.
The only catch…  You have to make sure the port numbers match between Thunderbird and Davmail.  By default they don’t.  So you have to add some numbers to the port setup in Thunderbird match the port numbers in Davmail.  Details are explained on the March 1st, 2010, 5:19 am post at this link if you need them: